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Russell Scott is an influential rapper and speaker from the Mile High City who is turning the heads of industry pros with his "breath of fresh air" approach to present-day hip-hop. Russell is known best for his remix of, “On Top of the World”. It has spanned the globe-surpassing 1.5 million plays on SoundCloud and +50k views on YouTube. While being described as a mix between Macklemore and The Fresh Prince, Russell Scott is certainly a captivating performer with an unprecedented style. On a quest to define his “Definition of Pursuit” with his latest body of work and debut album, the unconventional Scott uses his creativity to serve others by celebrating life through music. With one purpose, to bring people together from different cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Russell Scott is bridging humanities gaps by uniting people through the engagement of their mind, body, and soul. It is said that music is the universal language of mankind and Russell Scott is definitely speaking it.